Sunday, April 19, 2009


im not happy as i thought, im not lucky as i thought, im just an ordinary person who always hide the sadnest behind, from people around me, i dont like people to see im sad, especially my parents and i know....nobody can help me on this, except my creator, Allah S.W.T. Allah, please give me strong iman and guide me to the right path...only u know what is inside my heart, only u know everything inside me...because u are my creator.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



the road i have traveled along
is paved with good intensions
it's glittered with broken dreams
that never quite came true
when all of my hopes were dying
her love kept me trying....
she does her best to hide
the pain that she's been through
when she cries at night
and she doesn't think
that i can bear her
she tries to hide all the fear
she feels inside
so i pray this time
i can be the man that she deserves
cause i die a little each time
when she cries
she's always been there for me
whenever i've fallen
when nobody else believes
she'll be there by my side
i don't know how she takes it
just once i'd like to make it
then there'll be tears of joy
to fill her loving eyes............

it's a very good songs.....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Awana kijal memories....

emm,, bukan senang,,,,nak buat gaya nie
with mama minie..sapa berani nak challenge,,,,?

ini kat london hehe...bukanla,,,genting jer....

dalam kenangan,,,ckw,wyc,jlim,zaemy,me,cfw,aznie

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

klcc story......

Yesterday,,,i went to KLCC about 6.30pm. im still not praying asar yet,,so pegila kat tempat praying room...there, i saw mcm2 ragam ramai tengah bersolat,,,tapi dlm masa yg sama ad seorg awek ni membaca surah yaasin,,,memang sedap suaranya...tapi yg tak berapa bagusnye,,,she suppose to lower down her voice right,,,sebab suaranya yg kuat tu mengganggu ketenteraman hamba2 Allah yg lain nak sembahyang...emm..termasuk me yg sembahyang ni berapa kali baca alfatihah tah...tak dapat nak consentrate,,, lagi satu,,, saya memang puji ramai awek2 sekarang ni kalau keluar ingat sembahyang,,,walaupun tak pakai tudung,,,pakai skirt pendek...ingat juga nak menghadap Allah...alhamdulillah bagus....moral of the stories...janganlah tinggalkan sembahyang walau bagaimana keadaan kita sekalipun, bukanke sembahyang itu tiang agama,,,?....semoga rahmat Allah sentiasa bersama kite... amin....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

HaPPy bIRthDaY

hAPPY Birthday to caca....